NBA Star jersey

The NBA (including the predecessor BAA, excluding the NBL merged in the 1940s and the ABA annexed in the 1970s) started rebounding statistics in the 1950-51 season, blocking and stealing statistics in the 1973-74 season, and introducing three-pointers in the 1979-80 season. The average data per game is based on the average value after starting the technical statistics.For example, Jabal played for 20 seasons, but there are no blocks and steals statistics in the first 4 seasons, so the average of blocks and steals is taken from the subsequent 16 seasons. The following players are sorted according to the time of joining the league, and the brackets are the time period for the player to play in the league. (Note: All-Stars began in 1951; the best rookie began in the 1954-55 season selection; the regular season MVP1955-56 season began the selection The rookie lineup began to be selected in the 1962-63 season; the defensive lineup began to be selected in the 1968-69 season; the finals MVP began to be selected in 1969; the single data king began to use the average system in the 1969-70 season; best defensive player and best sixth man 1982 -The 83 season starts the selection; the best three teams start the selection in the 1988-89 season.)